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TikTok: The Music-Discovery Force to be Reckoned with

I’m sure if you’re a Gen Z baby who’s always on your phone, then you’re familiar with TikTok. But have you been making the most of all the amazing musical gems on there? Well you definitely should!

Artists are blowing up faster than ever before with the rise of TikTok.

“Nobodies” becoming overnight sensations faster than it took them to film the video.

With our attention span reducing by seconds rapidly, due to the emergence of new apps like TikTok, we are lucky for the copious amount of new music and artists posting, to keep us engaged.

So, I thought it fitting to share a handful of my favourite TikTok artist discoveries to date.

1) Will Paquin

I’ve come across an abundance of amazing artists on the app. A talented guitarist and singer on the app, Will Paquin (@will.paquin,) spurring the idea for this blog post.

Starting his account off with short guitar riffs, Paquin caught the attention of many with this short melody hitting 4 million views almost instantly!

I love all his videos and with the overwhelming support he's received from his followers, he released a full version of the song that can be found on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud called Chandelier. Definitely go and have a look at his other videos, if you're in need of some ear food.

2) Emily Krueger

The next artist’s, minute long tunes are ridiculously dreamy. Emily Krueger (@emilymkrueger) graced my For You Page with this beautiful melody, reminding me of The Smiths and Her’s indie instrumentals and jangly guitar sounds.

Krueger’s popular videos reach 100,000s of views, though this doesn’t even seem enough to me. Her TikToks are soul food and I’d love to see longer versions of these 1-minute videos!

You can also find Emily Kruger on Spotify and Apple music.

3) Molly McPhaul

The next one is a recommendation from a friend. I love making the most of my friends having such good ears (in my opinion haha).

My friend Becky told me I should have a look at Molly McPhaul (@mollymcphaul) – another talented guitarist (I’m sure you can see a running theme here). Her electric guitar playing, similar to Emily Krueger’s, is super tranquil and ethereal. This video could send me to sleep – in the best way!

Wanting some of Molly's creations on your playlist? Fear not! She's released an instrumental you can find on Spotify titled 'Snacks', a stunning 2 minute lo-fi track.

4) Millie Turner

Next is Millie Turner (@millieturnermusic). She actually has a large number of listeners on Spotify already, but to me is definitely worth mentioning. My song recommendation would have to be 'January', a spirited electronic, indie blend which reminds me of TDCC's 'Lavender'.

This video caught my attention, as I'm a sucker for TikToks where the artist provides a breakdown of the tune. I mustn’t forget to mention the song itself is glorious and reminds me of a Jadu Heart and Florence + the Machine hybrid.

If you're in need of more than just her music, her TikTok account will certainly deliver. She posts a variety of videos: from art to music, to just life updates and fashion videos.

5) Richmusicrich

I recently came across this next artist, and it's safe to say after I interacted once TikTok had my back and made sure richmusicrich (@richmusicrich) was on my FYP almost everyday. What really caught my attention was his airy vocals, that steer away from what is typically heard from male vocalists. I would argue richmusicrich has the ability to turn any song, no matter the genre, into a mellow, ethereal sleep song. My favourite being his cover of Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. The phrase "load up on guns" has never sounded so wholesome.

Richmusicrich doesn't just stop at covers, if you want some more of his serene vocals, you can find him as part of musical duo Refs (@refsmusic) that have a great selection of music that can be found on Spotify and Apple Music. My song recommendation would have to be 'Pain Goes Away'.

6) Nyah Grace

My next discovery is the glorious Nyah Grace (@nyahmusic). I can't thank the algorithm enough for this one. Nyah Grace as an effortless elegance redolent of Ravyn Lenae and Charlotte Dos Santos, yet still her own entity completely.

Her TikTok really is a favorite of mine and I'm never at a loss of stunning 1 minute covers and compositions. Nyah Grace can be found on Spotify and Apple Music. I couldn't pass up to chance to recommend 'Summer Luvin''. If you love Neo Soul and artists like The Internet and Musiq Soulchild you will love this tune.

It's inarguable that TikTok is an amazing marketing tool, helping smaller artists to blow up and share their talent with the world, but even luckier for us we have another medium to discover loads of new music!

Amalia x

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