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New Releases for your Radar (11/20)

The last month has been far from short of great releases, that can't go unmentioned.

First up is a song that I have had on repeat, non-stop by an artist called glue70, who is a personal favourite of mine. A Manchester based artist, who's records are described as oozing "80s nostalgia". The song in question is 'Better', a follow up from his 4th album released in August 20. 'Better' in my opinion is much more subdued than many of its predecessors, but a must listen if you're looking for some tranquil melodies while you wind down for the week.

Next is Bakar's latest release '1st Time'. The London artist inarguably knows what his fans want, and though each track is unique to the rest, Bakar's sound stays relatively within the same ball park. No complaints here!

'1st Time' is no exception, and echos his signature indie rock sound that can be heard in earlier releases such as 'Big Dreams'. '1st Time' is a brilliant listen to introduce you to Bakar if you're not already familiar.

Finally, Billy Lemos' newest song with Still Woozy and MTMBO: 'Wonder'. A combination of artists I would not have thought 0f, but a perfect marriage nonetheless. 'Wonder' is a very different sound for all 3 artists who tend to stay in the realms of lo-fi, indie pop, but this song feels much more experimental having an electronic feel throughout. Fear not, if you're a fan of any of these 3 artists 'Wonder' still encapsulates the bedroom pop sound that you can hear in their other records.

I would highly recommend listening to the rest of Billy Lemos' recent album, of the same name, with a range of incredible features such as Lava La Rue and Danny Dwyer.

A short but sweet post today. Thanks for reading!

Amalia x

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