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Montell Fish is the Lover Everyone Wishes They Had in Newest Single 'and i'd go a thousand miles'

It's not everyday you hear someone declare they'd travel the distance of 26 marathons to find you. New York musician Montell Fish's newest single 'and i'd go a thousand miles' perfectly encapsulates a hopeless romantic's daydream.

The track, though minimalistic, feels full of meticulous selections. We hear swells of dreamy guitar plucks, weaving in and out of Fish's warm vocals, as he sings the lines 'one day, I'm gon find you' over and over.

That sense of desperation that's all too common while yearning for a lover you don't have, or perhaps can't have, shines bright in Fish's lyricism. 'Where did you go, my feet are so tired', is vocalised in his stunning, nonchalant tone. You could say he's the master of sounding like you don't care about them, when you very clearly do. I'm taking pointers.

'and i'd go a thousand miles' is a great introduction to Fish's catalogue for new listeners and will certainly be embraced by long-time fans too. A track that's effortlessly raw and mesmerising, while also providing a standard so high most boyfriends would roll their eyes.

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