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Jeshi returns with hard-hitting new single 'Another Cigarette'

We've all been there; Overwhelmed by the sensation that life is dealing you a bad hand. London rapper, Jeshi, explores these feelings in his newest single 'Another Cigarette'.

As he strays far from fairytales and rose tinted spectacles, we experience a single that delves into the hard truth of growing up, dead end jobs and destructive party culture.

His flair for candid and gritty storytelling lives on in this new release. The head-spinning opener, 'Another Cigarette' inches in with distorted, industrial synths and features Fredwave's beguilling tone. As he moves track to track, Jeshi tells the story of a generation tainted by societal neglect, coping with personal vices and mental illness. In tracks like 'Generation' and 'Hit by a Train', there's a beauty in his bluntness. He weaves in lines like 'generation not here, generation no hope' with his effortless cadence, that have created a seriously compelling single. And for member's of Gen Z facing the same issues in full force, it's hard not to resonate.

Overall, the single is a poignant perspective on the quote unquote 'rat race' and when combined with Jeshi's self-assured delivery, provides the perfect balance of gritty head-boppers and intuitive storytelling. One can only hope Jeshi is building us up to a killer debut album.

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